New Ticketing Method for the Buffet Tastings

TVWS LogoThe Board of Directors has decided to try a new method of entry to the tastings. Years ago, we had to pre-pay and now it is time to do so again. If 35 people show up at the tasting, and only 25 originally told us, via EVite, that they would be there, the TVWS must pay for the 35, but probably there is only enough seating and food for 25. Same goes if 35 people tell us via EVite that they are going to be there and only 25 show, we pay for 35. Now with the Brown Paper Tickets, we have funds in advance to cover the cost for the facilities and the food.

Last months tasting, September, I bought 2 tickets and Robin could not go. I either had to find someone to use her ticket, or “eat the cost” of the ticket. I found someone to take it.

I will always post a link to the Brown Paper Ticket site on the Schedule page on the TVWS blog. Click Here for the Schedule and as listed above. Here too is a link: Brown Paper Tickets – the tickets listed at that link, at this writing, are not valid.

We would really like to know how this method works for you. The Board is working on the process to make it easier for everyone. If you see something in the Brown Paper process that you have an easier or more efficient way to perform the task, let us know.

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