A Range Of Reds

Wine_RabbitsFor the November 2015 Tasting, Robin is doing November 2015 TVWS Tasting Range of Reds with a selection of older red wines from our wine cellar. The cellar contains several thousand bottles and was completely built entirely by myself. The inventory is kept on the computer with a program that originates in New Zealand. It is called “The Uncorked Cellar”. The program keeps track of the inventory, but also the age of the wine and it’s peak drinking time, the worldwide auction price of the wine, any notes we might like to keep on the wine and an extensive set of data points. It’s an amazing program. We can also look at the inventory online. Here are some photos of the cellar. Enjoy!

As you enter the cellar, this is the first cubicle you pass.
As you enter the cellar, this is the first cubicle you pass.
East storage extension.
East storage extension.
North storage area.
North storage area.
West area
West area
Main East area.
Main East area.

There you have our wine storage facility and some of these wines will presented at the November TVWS tasting. The design I found online – I looked at some plans and adjusted them to our needs. It took a while to build, but it was a good and fun experience. And the wines that will be presented are listed below. The Worldwide Auction Prices will be listed on the handout at the Tasting as will the Peak Drinking Time. Cheers!

Appetizer Wine with Cheese Balls (Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Dip) and Assorted Berries
2007 Cinder Rosé of Syrah SRAVA, ID
2005 Buena Vista Pinot Noir Carneros, CA

2004 Don Miguel Gascon, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina
2005 Concha Y Toro Casillero del Diablo Carmenere Maipo, Chile

Full Bodied
2006 Parma Ridge Reserve Merlot ID
2004 Bitner Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon ID
2004 Ridge Buchiqnani Ranch Sonoma Carignane CA
2008 Saviah Petite Verdot WallaWalla, WA

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