Just Thought You’d Want To Know ………

18Oct2015_1_Halloween_Brooks-Pumpkins-CatAh yes! ‘Tis the season for ghosts and goblins! And with them candy. And if I am eating candy – to make sure that is is OK for our “Visitors” – you may need to know what kind of alcoholic beverage would you prefer with your favorite candy. This may help. Candy and Wine and Beer and Whisky. Check out the link listed. Some interesting information. Here is what it is all about, plus much more.

As you grow older, Halloween becomes more about drinking and partying with friends than running around the neighborhood trying to grab as much candy as you possibly can – until you’re a parent that is, then you run around with the kids first and have a few drinks after. But everyone has to admit they’re at least a bit nostalgic for their trick-or-treating days, especially when it comes to the end of the night, and it’s time to count and trade the loot you collected. Everyone has their favorite Halloween candy, but now that you’re grown up and more likely to be counting bottles than candy wrappers, what would be that candy’s drink equivalent? We’re glad you asked…

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