Shrimp and Wine at Sawtooth Winery

Exceptional chardonnay horizontal wine tasting with shrimp at Sawtooth Winery. Thank-You Reel Foods for sharing your Chefs and their talents.

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21Mar2015_1_Sawtooth-Winery-Verticle_SignHad not really thought of this combination, but this was a real treat. Superb shrimp prepared by Reel Foods Fish Market here in Boise on Capital Blvd. And the wine selection, not all theirs, selected by Sawtooth Winery were a really good match for most, not all, of the shrimp dishes. But that is to be expected. Left Click any of these photographs to see them enlarged.
Out of 8 chardonnay wines presented, and it was a blind horizontal tasting, so far as I was concerned the best was the 2013 Sawtooth Reserve Chardonnay. OK. But what is a horizontal wine tasting, you ask. From Blue Sky Winery in Anna, ILL., here are the differences between a verticle tasting and a horizontal tasting.

In a verticle wine tasting, different vintages (years) of the same wine types from the same wine type from the same winery are…

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