Blind Tasting Wine

TVWS LogoRobin received this information from one of her many resources on the internet. We thought it warrants a post. Enjoy!

“Scott Carney, a master sommelier and dean of wine studies at the International Culinary Center.:
When blind tasting at The Court of Master Sommelier at the Advanced and Masters level, one’s sense of smell is heavily relied upon to arrive at a good conclusion. With only 4+ minutes allocated to analyze and identify each wine, time must be carefully managed.

Here are this master somm’s fool-proof tips for analyzing what one is smelling:
1) Trust your first impression
On the first sniff after swirling the glass, one gets their best “glimpse” of a wine. Repeated sniffing is an exercise in diminishing return, so focus your faculties for that first impression.

Blind-Taste-Wine-Image2) Analyze the aromatics of a wine [systematically]:
–Non-fruit, i.e floral, spice and herb
–Earthiness or minerality (smell rocks or dirt?)
–Presence/absence of new oak

Smells can come and go like the split-second scene in an action movie trailer: did I just smell what I thought I smelled? With evidence from each category, one can begin to form a reasoned conclusion about what’s in the glass.

Happy sniffing!”

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