What is “tapas”?

Quarterly Wine Dinner at the BuzzRobin found this good article called Where Did The Sherry Go? on Wine Lovers Page, which explains where the term “tapas” came from. You know, those little plates of “treats” that are probably no larger than a thimble. And you wish the servings were larger so you order a menu for a full meal and they do not serve full meals, only tapas! Here is a short excerpt from the article which may help. There is a link above and well worth the read.

Looking at trends in food and dining, you might expect Sherry to be the next big thing. Tapas and “small plates” are hip; and the art of the cocktail is booming. So why not turn to Sherry? This natural cocktail was the original drink for tapas, which were served on tiny dishes used as lids (“tapas,” in the vernacular) to keep fruit flies out of one’s drink while dining al fresco in Jerez … If you’re a wine drinker who doesn’t care for the darker, heavier style of Sherries like Oloroso, Amontillado or the sugar-sweet Pedro Ximenez, there’s no better place to start than Fino. Lighter in color, bone-dry in flavor, it’s still bold on the palate, redolent of pecans and roasted, toasted flavors backed by zippy acidity and a pleasantly bitter finish.

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