Board Members for the TVWS are Needed!!

Event ScheduleOK. There is a time when everyone needs to step up! Now is the time. We have Board elections next month and possibly – possibly – only one person has “stepped up” to fill these three Board positions. Please read this note from your President, Gail McClellan Parker –

Last night I spoke with Dave and Nancy Birch, who were nominated by their children last month, about serving on the Board and received emphatic “No’s. That leaves one nominee, Barbara, with three additional slots to fill. Our members are just not stepping up and we need sufficient folks on the Board in order to run a successful wine tasting society. If it [was not] for the hard work of our current Board and our Honorary Members we wouldn’t be able to provide the fun, interesting and informative tastings we manage each month. With four stepping down in January, we’re going to be hard pressed to continue successfully short three members. Do you have any ideas of what to do? I was thinking perhaps I could email our current, paid members letting them know we need their participation and that if we don’t get it, we may have to rethink our group. Sharon did a good job in recruiting a first time guest last night and I will follow up with her—she may (1) join TVWS and (2) might consider being a Board member. Let me know your thoughts, please.

And just to let you know, Gail has been on the Board for several years now as has Gerry, Carl, Robin and I. It’s not that we’re getting tired and worn out, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, or anything, but now it is YOUR TURN! (I’m not shouting, just getting louder.) Gail said it quite well, “… interesting and informative tastings we manage each month.” Please. We need your help and input. We need new people. We need your ideas. We need YOU. Please think about it (long enough!) and let one of the Board know. Once a month – Free wine and food! And as Robin and I used to say in our dance classes, “Your turn!”

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