Wines From The Original 13 Colonies

Event Schedule

This is going to be an exciting wine tasting. Robin has been working on this for five or six weeks now, including securing the wines and working with Chef Jake on the menu paring. I think – and there is no bias on my part – that this will be an educational as well as, a fun evening. Here is the wine list and the menu for the event. There are probably grape varieties on this list that you have never had. Enjoy!!


Treasure Valley Wine Society
November 13, 2013
Early American Native Grape Wines

2012 Finger Lakes, NY Goose Watch – Rosé of Isabella – Vitis Labrusca
Shelburne Vineyard, VT Whimsey Meadow Rosé – Hybrid blend

Leek and Seafood Squash Bisque
Baguette and butter

Hudson Valley, NY Brotherhood Rosario est.1839 – Concord and Niagra V.L.
Shelbourne Vineyard, VT Harvest Widow’s Revenge – Hybrid blend

Turkey, Polenta and Pork Meatloaf
Corn and Beans with Herbal Butter
Cranberry apple relish sauce

NV Sussex County, DE Nassau Valley VY Delaware – V.L.
2011 Orange County, VA Horton Norton – V. Aestivalis

Pear and walnut salad

NV Salisbury, NC – Old Stone White and Red Muscadine
Scuppernong Cider – Vitis Rotundifolia

Cheese and fruit platter

VA. Horton Norton Courage Port Wine – V. Aestivalis
Eden, Vermont Ice Cider – Heirloom apple blend

Pecan Pie

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