October 2013 TVWS Board Meeting

Another good and exciting Board meeting was held on October 1 at Affinity, off of Ustic at Eagle Road. Thank you Bridgette for setting this meeting place up. The Board meetings are open to any member of TVWS and the Board encourages you to attend. The meetings usually last about 1 1/2 – 2 hours and start at 7:00. At this writing, there is a good chance that one of the local Brew Pubs will be presenting German Style beers at the October tasting on October 9 at Meadow Lake Village at the Grand Lodge. Here bis a great link that Robin found for the different beers: Beer Types Chart. (When the graphic comes up, click on it and find your beer type.) Get your reservations in early as this event will fill up quickly. And yes, it is a beer tasting this month and not wine! If you have a favorite beer glass or stein, bring it.
In a previous post on this blog, TVWS Holds September Board Meeting, I stated that “…Yes, it’s that time of year when we are looking for some new and adventuresome Board members. The Board can really been a fun time. That’s why some of us stay on as Adjunct members for 7+ years. Yes, it is work, but the support one gets from everyone, is exceptional. Think about becoming a Board member and let someone know. Volunteer! The meetings usually last about an hour or so, once a month. Dinner is provided in some form and there is usually wine with dinner. All we ask is that you seriously think about the commitment for 2 years. Thanks and Cheers!” As an example, this is what the Board members created for tonight’s dinner. The theme was Octoberfest.

Sauerbraten Acme Bake Shop Rye Beet Salad Hot German Potato Salad

Sauerbraten (Bob and Robin)
Acme Bake Shop Rye (Bob and Robin)
Beet, Fennel and Apple Salad (Gail)
Hot German Potato Salad (Sharon)

As you can see, there are some awesome cooks in this group. This was a delicious meal. The wines and the Samuel Adams Oktoberfest beer went quite well with the meal. Think about becoming a Board Member. The cost to you is Time. It is fun! Cheers.

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