50 Ways To Keep Mentally Alert

Mediterranean Cruise Night!Robin found this good article on how to keep yourself mentally alert and active. I have highlighted some of the “things” that are appropriate to the TVWS.

50 Ways to Increase Brain Function

1. Be curious.
2. Look for connections between topics that seem unrelated.
3. Practice ambidexterity by using your non-dominant hand to brush your hair, eat, draw, etc.
4. Solve brainteasers and puzzles.
5. Study optical illusions.
6. Improve your vocabulary.
7. Ask “what if?” questions.
8. Develop comparative tasting (cheese, wine, or chocolate).
9. Take a different route to work or when running errands.
10. Debate two sides to an argument.
11. Drink plenty of water.
12. Read classic literature.
13. Summarize books.
14. Brainstorm.
15. Learn to lucid dream.
16. Collect quotes.
17. Visit a museum.
18. Focus on one thing at a time.
19. Learn a foreign language.
20. Paint or sculpt.
21. Meditate.
22. Turn off the TV.
23. Travel to a new place. (This could be by trying different wines and foods.)
24. Help a child with homework.
25. Learn to speed read.
26. Eat with chopsticks.
27. Play a musical instrument.
28. Say your problems out loud.
29. Provide thoughtful comments on blogs and articles.
30. Practice yoga.
31. Learn martial arts.
32. Memorize people’s names.
33. Take time for relaxation.
34. Listen to classical music.
35. Avoid junk food.
36. Set short-term and long-term goals.
37. Describe an experience in vivid detail.
38. Practice empathy.
39. Write a “how to” article.
40. Watch foreign films.
41. Doodle or draw.
42. Understand the scientific method.
43. Solve logic puzzles.
44. Have sex.
45. Ask questions.
46. Think positive thoughts.
47. Get plenty of sleep.
48. Try a new recipe.
49. Start a new hobby.
50. Dance. (Robin and I put in a combined time of  50+ years on teaching dance and dancing.)

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