Cheese For The Board Meeting

TVWS LogoAt the TVWS Board meeting last night, I stated that if anyone came across some interesting and appropriate information, and/or subject, send me the info and I would post it here on the blog. Robin had a request from the Board members to pass on the information about the cheese she brought to the meeting. She is a Turophile, one who has been certified in the study of cheese. (“… From Ancient Greek τυρός (turos, “cheese”) +‎ -phile.
Popularized by Clifton Fadiman on American TV quiz show Information Please in 1952. turophile (plural turophiles) a gourmet/connoisseur of cheese…” [] “…a connoisseur of cheese : a cheese fancier”, [Merriam-Webster Dictionary]) Here is her report and please cast your VOTE above. Thanks.

Some of you asked about the cheeses I brought last night to the TVWS board meeting. As a certified Turophile [one who loves and shares knowledge about cheese] I purchased the following at Whole Foods. [aka whole paycheck!]
4 oz. Duck Liver Patè with Port made in Brooklyn NY, USA $6.00
Toasted Bread Squares 2 pkgs for $5.00

Soft ripened:
1.d’Affinois [$17.99/lb] $6.39 wedge portion
French double cream cow’s milk -> probably from unpasteurized milk since it was imported as a ‘Kase’ from Germany – The USA allows unpasteurized cheeses to be imported from Germany, but not from France – unless the French cheese is distributed by a German importer. This law is meant to protect the American public, but it rancors the French, given their longer culture of producing soft ripened cheeses, their history of border disputes with Germany, and the common belief that Germans are ‘cleaner’ at manufacturing foods than are the French. It is a politically charged issue that is best not discussed with a French diplomat or cheesemonger, unless you want an earful of Merde! Fromage.

2. Cambozola [$19.95/lb] $7.90 wedge portion
A triple cream cows milk soft rind blue cheese – even creamier than the Italian ‘Gorgonzola’ made or distributed by a German company with the use of Penicillium for the blue streaks – it is meant to be an upgraded replica and I don’t know if the same import law applies to Italian cheeses. Kase

3. Alta Tur Lange – [$25.98/lb] $12.99/portion in a plastic tub with a paper cupcake liner
Italian soft ripened cheese made from Cow, Goat and Sheep’s milks. Formaggia. Gerry, Ewe liked it a lot! Bob did not care for it, but he enjoyed all the others!

4. Long Clawson [$21.99/lb] $5.06 wedge portion
English white Stilton made from cows milk with lemon bits in it. Barbara’s favorite!

5. Cyprus Grove Lamb Chopper [$24.99/lb] $6.87 wedge portion
Aged Sheep – Ewe’s milk cheese from California. Sheep have smaller teats than Nanny Goats which have much smaller teats than Mama Moo Cows. Cheese – Artisanal

6. Cyprus Grove Midnight Moon [$22.99] $5.29 wedge portion
Aged Goat’s milk cheese – Chevre ancienne.

7. Herve Mons Comtè [$34.99/lb] $7.87 small rectangle -> thin slices
Aged French Cows milk from near the Swiss Alps – similar to Gruyere – a nutty flavor that has a floral note when the cows graze in the Spring on Mountain Flowers and are milked soon after. The same way some milk take on on a wild onion flavor when cows eat Ramps, green onions or chives. The floral flavors are especially nice – and I can imagine Lupine, Edelweiss, brown eyed susans, etc…

8. Lenie Kaas {$19.99/lb] $6.70 / orange wedge – thin slices
Dutch aged Gouda from cow’s milk.

Gail’s chips and “Cowgirl Caviar” was so good, I wish I had some right now! and it was healthy, too. Barbara’s Pizza was yummy – even cool – I like leftover pizza for breakfast!

The wines were fun – mostly reds – but the one white that Howard brought was perfect with White Stilton with lemon. A Merlot, a Malbec, a German Pinot Noir and a red blend – all were great with the foods. I had a great time!

Fun with Food,

Now you have some idea of the information or article that can be posted here. I would really like to see some of the TVWS members, try their hand at submitting an article. Cheers and have fun with this idea.

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