Gary Vaynerchuk Interviews Master Chef Tim Hanni

TVWS LogoHere is a really great video by the Wine Library TV and Gary Vaynerchuk – remember him from one of the past Idaho Wine Competitions put on by TVWS? – interviews Master Chef Tim Hanni, the founder of Umami, you had a sample at the last TVWS tasting. This video at A Master of Wine Visits WLTV – Episode #558 is full of some really great information on the matching of food and wine. Why doesn’t asparagus go well with red wine? Find out the answer here and how to adjust the asparagus to match the wine. The product that does this is a blend of 26 ingredients and is called Vinyon. It retails for $5.99 and balances the flavors of the food with the wine. This video is well worth the time to watch. Take notes and enjoy. Have some wine while you are watching it. Cheers! And don’t forget to VOTE above. Thanks!



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