TVWS Tasting on March 13, 2013

Event ScheduleThe Treasure Valley Wine Society will be holding another wine tasting on Wednesday, March 13. Here is a link to some More Information on Local Wine Events. Here is a short description that Robin has been working on for this event. Remember, please get your reservation in by mid-night, Sunday, March 10 so we can make the necessary arrangements for table settings, wine and food. Thank-You!

Taste and learn about 6 wines from Argentina/Chile: 2 whites and 4 reds. Enjoy a buffet of food to accompany the wines. Culinary creations with examples from South America supervised by Executive Chef Jake H. Sandberg. Bring 2 to 3 tasting glasses and a writing pen; wine description paper will be provided. Novice to experienced tasters are members of TVWS. We welcome people new to the world of wine. Casual dress.

Don’t forget to check out the updates on some of the pages listed above. There is one new biography, Kathy Johnson, and the February Board Minutes have been posted. (You will need Acrobat to read these. There is a link to get the program if you do not have it.)

And one final piece of information. If you look at the top of this post, and all posts on this blog, you will see a place to “Rate This“. Please do rate the article, it only takes a moment. That let’s us know if you are interested in the post topics or not. Should we continue with this topic line? Depending on the posted topic, your vote could tell us did you like the tasting program? Thanks for participating. Cheers!

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