Inaugural Wines and Global Wine Markets

TVWS LogoRobin found these two very interesting articles that you may enjoy. Cheers!

Inaugural Luncheon. This year, event chairman Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), is featuring New York State wines for the first time.

Lobster tails with New England clam chowder sauce, sautéed spinach and sweet potato hay are being served with TIERCE Dry Riesling 2010 (Finger Lakes, NY) $30. A collaboration between the three winemakers at Fox Run, Anthony Road and Red Newt in the Finger Lakes, TIERCE is rich on the palate with flavors of apple, quince, peach and minerals. Only 150 cases were made.

Next, a Long Island wine — the BEDELL CELLARS Merlot 2009 (North Fork, NY) $30 — will be poured with grilled bison in a wild huckleberry reduction served with red potato horseradish cake. Crafted from old merlot vines, the Bedell wine tastes of dried cranberries and cherries with a hint of vanilla on the finish.

And for dessert, a Hudson Valley apple pie served à la mode with sour cream ice cream is paired with KORBEL CELLARS Natural 2009 (Russian River Valley, CA) $14. This is the eighth time in a row that Korbel’s sparkling wine made from pinot noir and chardonnay has been poured at a Presidential inauguration.

The Obamas and the Bidens will be drinking their Korbel bubbly poured from magnums with the Presidential seal. While your bottle won’t have an eagle on it, it will taste just as bright. If you’re interested in cooking the menu, visit the Senate’s Inauguration Site for all the recipes.

The second article that Robin found was on the world wine market survey for 2013, the 2013 Global Markets and Trends Report. Enjoy!

Last week the international wine and spirits exhibition VINEXPO released its highly anticipated 2013 Global Markets and Trends Report. Based on sales figures between 2006 and 2010 from 28 wine-producing countries and 114 wine-consuming countries, the study has much to say about the drinking habits of Americans.

In terms of total volume, the U.S. consumes more wine than any country in the world including France and Italy, yet per capita, we lag way behind.

Americans of legal age drink about a case of wine per person annually. The British drink almost twice as much, slightly less than two cases. The French and Italians leave us in the dust, consuming four cases each. But don’t count us out. By 2016, U.S. wine consumption is expected to grow by 12.16%, about two bottles of wine a year for every American over twenty-one.

The U.S. is the fourth largest wine producer in the world and we guard our wine jealously drinking 75% of what we produce. Regarding wine consumption, Amerian wines (mostly from California) account for 73% our purchases. Only 27% of wines bought in the U.S. are imported.

We love all kinds of bubbles. Between 2007 and 2011 our sparkling wine consumption grew 17.69%. It is expected to increase another 25% by 2016.

One VINEXPO prediction for European markets was a source of astonishment: By 2016, the French will drink more whiskey than the British, and the British will drink more wine than the French.

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