Society Updates

Event ScheduleJust a note to let everyone know, that the TVWS has elected to change the schedule of events slightly. The election of new Board Members will not happen in December, but rather for this year only, we will hold the election in January. The Society needs your help and it would be appreciated if you would volunteer to place your name on the ballot to join the Board. I won’t tell you that there is not much for a Board Member to do. There is a lot of work. But it is spread over the entire Board, so one individual does not end up “doing it all”. It is a fun job! The discussions are both exciting and entertaining! One meeting a month – the first Wednesday at 7:00pm – in the Board Room at Meadow Lake Village. The meetings last at most 1½  hours, but mostly an hour. Plus you will get a meal and some interesting wines to try. Think about it, please, and let a Board Member know that you are interested. Thank-You! The new 2013 Event Schedule is posted. Use the link above. And if you need a tasting sheet, they are available above at the “Various Society Forms” link. Cheers!!
NOTE: I just received the minutes from thee Board meeting and the minutes state that the election for the Board actually will be held at the December tasting. Sorry for any confusion.

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