Interesting Stats

I have received some comments and questions on this blog that relate to site stats – Where do the Followers (those who have chosen to have blog updates delivered to their email) originate – their country of origin. How many Followers are on this blog? Here is some really interesting info. As I am writing this we just received 3 more followers, which are in the total number. Enjoy.

  1. Total Number of Followers – 913
  2. Number of TVWS Followers – 23
  3. Difference – 890 Non-TVWS Followers
  1. Countries Where These Followers Originate
    • Australia
    • UK (Including England)
    • Slovakia
    • USA (Highest number, including Alaska and Hawaii)
    • Canada
    • Spain
    • Greece
    • Denmark
    • France
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Russia
    • Israel
    • Switzerland
    • Finland
    • Sweden
    • Argentina
    • Chile

These numbers do not reflect the number of Readers that this site gets, well over 1000 nor the number of Hits the site gets, 466 at last count. Anyway, interesting information, I think. This site is by no means “local”, it’s boundaries are the world and I am not patronizing anyone by saying that. It is a fact. Cheers!

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