Great Rosé Wines Presented

Hats off to Robin for selecting some awesome Rosé Wines for the tasting tonight. And then for her working with Chef Jake to create an great, and different, buffet line. This was a super good evening! Look at what we had for dinner. Some of tonight’s wines are pictured to the left. Robin’s comments are listed alongside of the food photos. Left-Click any of these photos to see them full screen. Cheers!

Some of the 37 people who were there.

Cheese plate

Traditionally, a dinner tasting of wines is done in some proscribed conventional order of dry to sweet, older to younger, simple to more complex, lower alcohol to higher alcohol, lighter to bolder, whites to reds, less expensive to more expensive. With wines of the same varietal, or as in these pink styles, I admit to being a lot less knowledgeable about the correct order to present them.  Random abandon of the rules may follow.
Why rosés you ask? I have been reading wine articles from people I admire in the trade who claim to love them for the fun they bring to life. They are paired with foods from the sea, BBQ’s, ham, light cheeses and Asian fare. Help yourself to the foods on Jake’s Asian Buffet while we pour you the first Spritz of pink. 

Asian Salad

    Blood Orange Mimosa    [a Brunch Wine] Blood Orange Mimosa is a wine cocktail made from grape wine and the juice and pulp of the celebrated, crimson-fleshed Sicilian blood oranges.  Light, fruity, refreshing and flavorsome.
2. NV Gazela Rosé  Portugal Alcohol 10%    $5.99
Gazela Rose is a lively, refreshing, young and floral light wine. In the mouth, it is well-balanced with a soft and slightly fizzy finish. Varietals: Baga, Rufete, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Franca
3. 2011 Chateau de Campuget Tradition Rosé  Costieres de Nimês A.C.               $10.99
      S. Rhone – France = Syrah 70% Grenache Noir 30%   Alcohol = 13 %

Asian Stir Fry Vegetables

4. 2010 La Vieille Ferme Rosé Perrin Mont Ventoux A.C. $ 8.99
S. Rhone – France = Grenache & Cinsault   Alcohol =13.5 %
5. 2011 Coppola Sofia Rose Monterey, CA, USA                                                   $14.99 Francis Ford Coppola [Godfather filmmaker] named this wine for his daughter. “Sophia by Coppola more resembles an old world wine.”

California – 75% Syrah and 25% Grenache  Alcohol  = 12.5 %

Fried Rice

6. 2011 Crios Rosé of Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina      Alcohol = 14 %                 $11.99

7. NV Pomula Wine Spritz  – Wellington S.A.              Alcohol 5.5%                     $5.99
 – a white wine base with added Pomegranite and Marula juice. The Marula tree is indigenous to South Africa and Elephants as well as Baboons and other wild life like to eat the Marula fruit – especially once it is ripe and begins to ferment. S. Africans often make a beer from the fruit. Amarula is a beverage similar to Bailey’s Cream Brandy and found in some Boise liquor stores. Look for an elephant on the label.

Asian Duck in an Orange Ginger Sauce

Presented by Robin & Bob Young – an April foolish mystery in Pink to keep you out of the Red as Tax Day approaches. All wines purchased at Cost Plus World Market.

Tapioca Mango Dessert
This was awesome!!!

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