What Wine Do I Serve With Soup?

I just received this from Snooth and it is an interesting article on Paring Wine With Soup. Here is an excerpt. To read the full article, click on the link above or cut and paste the link below. Cheers!

Spring is just beginning, so it is time to get your delicious winter soup fill while you still can! Soups are often thought of as lighter fare meals, but along with stew and chili, these dishes can be quite hearty and fulfilling.
Pairing wines with these winter staples can be a bit tricky. A great way to make this a bit less intimidating is to break down your meal ingredients and view them as you would a pasta sauce or something similar.
Just in the nick of time, we gathered our favorite soup, stew and chili dishes and paired them with wines that are ideal for keeping warm and comforted.
  Read more:  http://www.snooth.com/articles/pairing-wine-with-soup/#ixzz1rHyRh76d

And if you are interested, there are some really good recipes associated with the different wines. You not only get a suggested wine, but you get the recipe, too! Enjoy!

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