Grape Trivia

Grape Trivia

One Acre of land averages:
Five [5] tons of grapes = 10,000 pounds
13.5 Barrels of Wine at 7, 552 oz./each
797 Gallons of Wine at 128 oz./each
3, 958 Bottles of Wine at 25.6 oz/each
15, 940 Glasses of Wine at 6.4 oz./each

One Barrel of Wine averages:
740 Pounds of Grapes or 59 Gallons
24.6 Cases of Wine
295 bottles
1.180 glasses

One Case of Wine contains:
30 pounds of grapes [468 oz.]
307 ounces of wine
12 bottles of wine
48 glasses of wine

One bottle of wine contains 750 ml of liquid:
2.4 pounds of grapes
25.6 ounces of wine [4/5 quart]
20-25 one-ounce pours
or ~ 4 glasses of 6 oz. of wine.

Thanks to Dick Dickstein at Parma Ridge Vineyards for the facts.

Note: Not to be out-cooled, the Obama White House has officially trod into micro-brewing territory. President Obama recently shared a pint of White House Honey Ale, made of course, from honey harvested from the White House bee hive, with Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer. Though both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson dabbled in fermenting, this is the first time beer has been brewed at the White House. (Boise Weekly October 12, 2011)

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