Champagne Notes

We all can use some additional information on Champagne. Especially me! In the latest issue of Snooth, there is an article titled What We’ve Been Reading. The article starts out by saying, “It’s harvest season all over the Northern Hemisphere and I am frankly surprised that we’re not seeing more harvest-themed blogs all over the net. It’s a great way to cut out the middle man (hey, wait a minute that’s me) and bring information directly to the consumer. And unlike much of the rest of the year, most wine producers have something new to share every day this season. What a perfect opportunity to strengthen their relationship with their fans.”
The article lists a blog site called My Man In Champagne and the videos are well worth looking at. The blog writer, Jiles Halling , states that he will report on “… My Man In Champagne’s coverage of the 2011 Harvest in Champagne. We’ll be updating our Harvest blog everyday so be sure to click here to see the latest posts and add the RSS feed to your bookmarks!”
A timely article because the TVWS is preparing an awesome Sparkling wine and Champagne tasting for their December event. The information listed here may help in understanding these types of wines. I will also put a link to the My Man In Champagne blog in the sidebar. Enjoy and Cheers!

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