Classware Used In Champagne Tasting

I never have liked Champagne. French, California (Sparkling wine), Idaho (Sparkling wine) or a variety of others. The closest one that I have liked is an Australian Shingleback. And maybe I have found the answer why.

In reading the latest issue of the K and L Wine Merchants Newsletter, Robin and I came across this probable explanation. It’s in the glassware most commonly used. Here is their explanation in drinking wines directly from the producers when they have tastings and what glassware to use.

We taste out of regular wine glasses instead of flutes, often surprising to first-time attendees. Drinking Champagne is fun out of a flute and certainly prettier, but for understanding and comparing Champagnes in a tasting setting, the bigger bowl of a normal glass allows for better aroma development and the wider opening pours the wine over your tongue in a wider pattern, allowing you to taste more.

It’s the concentration of flavors and bubbles that I find annoying when using the flute glasses that I do not get when I use a standard glass. And I know that there are others out there that would like a way to enjoy their Champagne, or Sparkling wine, more, and, possibly, learn to like Champagne or Sparkling wine. It was great to find this explanation why not always to use a fluke glass. Try it and see what you think. And maybe, someday, I will find a Champagne that I really enjoy. Who knows! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Classware Used In Champagne Tasting

  1. Bob, maybe your problem with champagne IS using “fluke” glasses—it might be a fluke if they worked at all. Do you think “flute” glasses would be an improvementJ? Maybe the idea of a broader bowl is why the Marie Antoinette-shaped glasses were popular for so long.


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