TVWS Parties Hearty!

On September 23, the Treasure Valley Wine Society hosted another social event to get to know one another and to get people interested in the group. It was a great success and everyone had a great time. And the food! It was really good. Different. Not your “everyday” pizza. Not your “everyday” establishment. But definitely a fun place! Thank-You PizzalChik for letting us have our party here. Your staff is great! Here are some photos of the evening! Enjoy and Cheers!

Elaine and Larry Gibson

Carl and Rita Abrahamson

Gail McClellan and Robert Parker

Terry and Barbara Knivila and Robin

Margaret Gunnell and Melissa Delaney

Gerry and Pamela Riemer

Carl and Birthday Girl Heidi!

Heidi, Gail and friends.

Jan Beckwith and her Grand Daughter.

Some of the pizza, salads, chicken, scallops, beer and wine that we had.

The PizzalChik Band!

The PizzalChik Blue Band!

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