Bottling At Indian Creek Winery

OK. So it’s pouring rain outside as we speak – .07″/hour rate and it is cold, 48 degrees F. I have worked on the tagine blog entry – previous entry – and so it’s a good time to work on my adventure yesterday. Something I have never done – work on the bottling line in a winery. The Indian Creek Winery, Kuna, Idaho, asked if we would like to help. Absolutely!! So here are some photos of yesterdays adventure. Enjoy! Oh, the dahlia pictured here is from Tammy’s flower garden. Beautiful!

This is Lauren Bell’s dog.

Dahlia Dog, Tammy’s dog. Loves to sleep on top of the skids of wine cases. She just climbs higher and higher as the cases are added.

Karen Laib Kimble and Bill Stowe at their posts.

Lauren Bell and Tammy Stowe McClure pack the cases.

Bob Young labels the cases.

Tammy reloads the cork bin. (She’s also a rock climber!)

Here is everyone busy at their posts, even Dahlia Dog over-sees the project!

Bill adjusts the corker as we change bottle styles.

Lunch time! Thanks Tammy. Bill, Mike McClure, Karen and Lauren. Such a great team!

I named it Liquid Gold, Tammy! At least, that’s what my label says!

So really an enjoyable day at the winery. Thanks for including me, Tammy and Mike. The wines that we bottled were 2010 Muscat Canelli, 2010 White Riesling, 2000 Late Harvest Liquid Gold and at 2010 Star Garnet(?). They also did a fortified wine (Port style) after I left. Cheers and again, Thanks for having me today.

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