36th Street Bistro Presents Symphony Wines

Once again, Joe Dewey is presenting a wine tasting and dinner paring the the 36th Street Bistro in Boise. Joe is using his operatic talents and presenting Symphony wines. (Maybe he’ll put a towel over his arm and sing for us in Italian! He has a beautiful opera tenor voice.) Here is the information and it is strongly suggested that you call for reservations. Here is Joe’s commentary. Cheers!

You can hear and drink a Symphony

When I stumble across something new I like to pass it along, therefore, I want to let you know about a grape that might be a new discovery for you. The paragraph below was stolen from wikipedia:

“The Symphony grape is a crossing of Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris that viticulturist Dr. Harold Olmo first began developing in 1948. It took over 30 years to complete crossing trails and produce a viable cultivar. Symphony was finally completed and introduced commercially in 1981 and patented in 1983. The grape makes a white wine with a slight spiciness and tree fruit aromas of citrus, apricot, and peach. It is primarily a blending grape but can be made into a single varietal wine.”

So why call the grape ‘Symphony’? I was curious so did a little more research. Apparently “the first wines made from this grape were declared to show ‘a symphony of aromas and flavors’ evident from the first taste.” Symphony is an excellent choice to pair with spicy foods, summer salads, and light desserts.

I will be featuring the Ironstone Obsession, a single varietal Symphony, with dessert on May 18th at the 36th Street Bistro Amador Wine Dinner. Click the link (above) to check out the menu, time, and cost to attend. These dinners sell out quickly so make sure to get a reservation soon. For more immediate information simply call (208) 433-5108

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