Getting Ready For Wednesday’s Tasting

Since we volunteered to make a Salmon Dip, I guess I have to smoke the salmon. Yes, it is done and  really tastes good. (You know. One must always sample their food preparations!) But it really does take some time to make these dips. The first one is a pretty standard, but very good, Smoked Salmon Dip. The second one – I don’t remember which one the folks liked the last time I made it – is a Smoked Salmon Dill Spread. At any rate, the dips will be ready. I also smoked some almonds while the smoker was on. Did I tell you how much I like my smoker? Can you guess?
Part Two of the Prep: I have tried out the sound system and it works fine. New batteries and located the cables. Remote mic works fine. It looks like all is set. Now, all we need is the wine and some glasses. This is going to be really a fun tasting. See you there? Hope so. Cheers!

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